Earth is our humble home and we all need to do our part to take care of it. In May we announced the beginning of our company-wide sustainability initiative, this includes our brand-spanking new Sustainability Squad consisting of members from all our venues. Not to mention our 3 big goals; zero to landfill by 2020, zero single-use plastic by the end of 2021 and reducing our energy use by 0.25kw million hours by April 2020.

This is alongside all the other initiatives we’re encouraging our venues to come up with to play their part!


We took to Gorilla to let all our team know exactly what our plans for their venue were and how they can help. From an incredible team effort we have been able to; ban plastic straws, save 75,000 plastic cups and even invest in new waste management rooms! Gorilla is the first of our venues to have a room where waste can be separated properly to minimise our percentage going to landfill, with specific bins for plastics, glass and even food.

As a quick win we even had them taste-test milk alternatives to begin trialling in the venue to help lessen our carbon footprint and save some adorable dairy cows in the process! With their new system in place the team at Gorilla have already made huge improvements in decreasing their general waste and increasing recycling!

We can’t wait to see how far the rest of our teams can go to help with improving and saving the environment, after all, sustainability is in our ethos.