01. The Albert Hall looking beautiful, before the masses poured in.

This week we’re celebrating another year around the Sun… well, half—way around the sun if we’re on Mars time. Our annual Christmas Do on Monday at our very own Albert Hall was a rioting success, and we want to share some of the highlights with you now.


02. Some of our fantastic Mission Mars team. Big smiles all ’round!


03. We were lucky enough to invite 3 BLESS back to our stage since his debut performance here at our Bongos Charity Night raising money for Onside Youth Zones…


04. …Plus our fantastic director Neil got up with Merge the Birds’ Martin Connor and gave us a tune. Lovely.


05. All our well—deserved award winners. You’re a cracking lot, and we’re proud of every single member of our Mission Mars family.


Big thanks to Jack Kirwin for all these fantastic photos.